Our Heart

We have big hearts here at Digital Chaos.

Each and every one of the team members have a cause near and dear to their heart. We decided to put a focus on the way that we give back; be it in either our local or global community. We wish to find a way to contribute and move the positivity needle!

Once per month we will feature a member of our team and the charity of their choice. That charity will be either a Canadian or international charity, but will be one that is registered in Canada as such. Our donation can either be money, or our time; whatever fills the need.

It is our way, however small, to help make our world a better place.


February 2018:

This month's act of giving comes from Colin!

Close up of Colin

Charity of choice:

Duke’s Fund

Guelph, Ontario

Colin's Connection:

In the fall of 1995 Duke’s Fund was established to provide specialized veterinary care for shelter animals in need.

The fund’s namesake — a 6-year-old pug named Duke — was surrendered to the shelter suffering from a chronic respiratory problem that made it difficult for him to breathe. In order to alleviate this condition and adopt him into a new home, a costly surgical procedure was necessary. A group of dedicated staff and volunteers got together to raise funds for Duke, and Duke’s Fund was born!

Today, Duke’s Fund continues to give animals their own happy tail. For example, The Guelph Humane Society cares for over 3000 animals per year and many, like Duke, have special needs that require costly medical treatment. Thus, donations to Duke’s Fund makes it possible to provide extensive medical care for the animals who need it most.

I really like that 100% of the fund goes towards the animals and their well-being. Ultimately, I chose Duke's Fund not only because I love animals, but because I wanted to help out the less fortunate animals that have no one to support the necessary treatments they require.

January 2018:

This month's act of giving comes from Jamie!


Charity of choice:


Waterloo Region, Ontario

Jamie's Connection:

Nutrition for Learning is a non-profit organization that operates in the Waterloo Region, from Elmira to Cambridge. They currently support over 20,000 children and youth in 142 schools. With the help of over 2,500 volunteers and community donations, they’re able to run breakfast and lunch programs that provide essential nutrition to kids who need it the most.

I chose this charity because I believe hunger in schools is an issue that often goes unnoticed, but when addressed the positive impacts are huge. It goes deeper than filling empty stomachs; it improves a child’s cognitive and physical development, allowing them to focus and learn to the fullest. As a result, this improves their lives and creates a positive impact for the entire community.

I had the pleasure of working with Nutrition for Learning in the past, where I learned about their programs and dedicated team of volunteers who work extremely hard every day. A donation of $100 goes a long way, feeding a student for 3 months.

December 2017:

This month's act of giving comes from Katie!


Charity of choice:

Katie's Connection:

Y.C.A. — not to be confused with YMCA — is an after-school program for children from elementary to high school. It is designed to educate, inspire, and empower youth. The program is run by a group of passionate volunteers — whom with patience, compassion, and benevolence — aimed to bring out the best in every student. The program is "pay as you can" and thus children from all financial situations are welcomed.

My family stumbled upon this program when I was 10 years old. As new immigrants to the country, the director of Y.C.A. (Mr. Kenny Gbadebo) voluntarily reduced my program fee by half. For the next 7-8 years, I was a student, a volunteer, and a teacher for the program.

Two things resided with me from those years. First, it was a sign on the entrance door...tiny words that read "no one owes you a living." Since then, every time I feel defeated, overwhelmed, or on the verge of "giving up" I think of these words. Second, it was everyone's devotion and determination to keep the program alive; even through the toughest financial situations and the overwhelming number of kids, the program always found a way to survive. Volunteers loved what they did, and truly believed in the cause.

The program was a “guide” to me as a child, perhaps only to the extent of extra courses, swimming sessions, science shows, and pizza every week. But over the years, I came to realize the true significance of what they have done. I can now refer many life choices back to what I have learned unconsciously at the program: be kind, be determined, be generous, be accepting, be strong, have a "yes I can" attitude, and be a piece of malleable clay.

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